Saturday, November 19, 2005

God is a Bastard

Things went from good to bad to good to bad again. Just before the Eastern Conference final two weeks ago, my mates who booked thru various discount places like Priceline, Orbitz etc were telling of ATA out of business. My tailgate Irish friend Revs Irish Rose (Carmelle) who is a Security person at Logan Airport told me there is no one manning the ATA counters. I checked online and found no problem. My 5:30 AM flight from Boston to Chicago, connecting to Dallas was still listed.

On Tuesday, four days before departure, I decided to double check with a phone call. "We don't fly out of Boston any longer" I was told. "When were you going to tell the booked passengers" was my first thought. Fortunately ATA is partners with SouthWest and I flew out of the more convenient Providence RI, at a better time. I got to see Provicdence, Baltimore and Chicago on my way to Dallas.

Because of the sellout, I had to get into lotteries to obtain tickets to the match. I knew of two lotteries, applied, and got tickets from both. Now I am in Dallas with two tickets. One for the Eastern Conference supporters section and one midfield seat in case the Revs didn't make it. I also booked a suite at the Residence Inn.

We belong to a pretty large supportes group at the Revs games and we sent a good sized delegation to Dallas.

There were a couple of college kids who made the trip with no money. I ended up taking one in, offered him the sofa and gave him the extra ticket. A few of us went out for a nice dinner as we usually do at least once on a road trip. Stephen, like most 20 year old college kids, refused because of finances. Good ole "roadie" sprung for his fillet minon, and ordered #199 off the wine list in stead of #198. 198 was a 35 dollar bottle of wine, 199 cost $80. So being in Dallas less than 5 hrs, I had to visit the ATM to get through the next two days.

First thing is to get a pre game wine glow going

Then a group sing along.

We belong to a pretty large supportes group at the Revs games.

We packed our supplies, drums, flags, beer and wine, headed to Texas, and set up camp in the new Pizza Hut Stadium in Frisco.

We got to see some famous people like Brandi Chastine.

Who you may remember from the Womans' World Cup in 1999.

The halftime show had some candy.

You can get a closer look here

Our Revs cheered on by the Midnight Riders in great form

Nearly pulled it off.

Even with the big boss Mr. Kraft and Son looking on

But it wasn't to be

As was said aat the polishmexican blog

god is a bastard

Monday morning Tony, my ride back to the airport called the room. He wanted to leave sooner than planned to try to catch an earlier standby flight. He told me to ask Christina if she wanted to leave early. "Christina?" I said. "You men Stephen?"

Just then a second head popped out from under the covers of the couch and a female voice said, "I catch a later flight".

Dam two room suites.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Tomorrow a few dozen of us will be leaving for Dallas to cheer on our beloved Revs in the MLS Cup. The Revs have the Rookie of the Year, Michael Parkhurst. And the league MVP Taylor Twellman.
The Revs have the special ingredient for championships. They like each other. The clubhouse is filled with comraderie and that is a very important part of winning. No whining, no backstabbing etc. Just support for each other. That way, they all win.

Saturday night there is a silent auction at Dave and Busters Pub to raise money for the local youth soccer league. Only in Texas... Drinking for Charity. Got to love it.

My original airline, ATA informed me on Tuesday that they no longer fly out of Boston. So much for cheap tickets. I booked the flight early in September and got a great price. The original was Boston/Chicago....Chicago/Dallas. Now it's Providence to Baltimore to Chicago on (WalMart Air) Southwest. Then ATA from Chicago to Dallas. I am mentally prepared for problems at the airports. I wonder if I'll get on that TV show "Airport". Thats the one that shows people with all the problems, trying to fly Southwest. Oh my.

The game is at 3PM and the gathering in the parking lot begins at 10:30 AM. I'll be bringing the white wine and quiche. (none of that fru fru stuff, like ribs and texmex, for this yank). Hopefully the party after the game will be a celebration. But if it's a condolence party, we will all attend.

This will be my first time in Texas and if I get there with all travel snafus it looks to be lots of fun.

All haaaaail to the boys in blue

all haaaaail to the boys in blue.

Go Revs.