Friday, November 11, 2005

Tomorrow a few dozen of us will be leaving for Dallas to cheer on our beloved Revs in the MLS Cup. The Revs have the Rookie of the Year, Michael Parkhurst. And the league MVP Taylor Twellman.
The Revs have the special ingredient for championships. They like each other. The clubhouse is filled with comraderie and that is a very important part of winning. No whining, no backstabbing etc. Just support for each other. That way, they all win.

Saturday night there is a silent auction at Dave and Busters Pub to raise money for the local youth soccer league. Only in Texas... Drinking for Charity. Got to love it.

My original airline, ATA informed me on Tuesday that they no longer fly out of Boston. So much for cheap tickets. I booked the flight early in September and got a great price. The original was Boston/Chicago....Chicago/Dallas. Now it's Providence to Baltimore to Chicago on (WalMart Air) Southwest. Then ATA from Chicago to Dallas. I am mentally prepared for problems at the airports. I wonder if I'll get on that TV show "Airport". Thats the one that shows people with all the problems, trying to fly Southwest. Oh my.

The game is at 3PM and the gathering in the parking lot begins at 10:30 AM. I'll be bringing the white wine and quiche. (none of that fru fru stuff, like ribs and texmex, for this yank). Hopefully the party after the game will be a celebration. But if it's a condolence party, we will all attend.

This will be my first time in Texas and if I get there with all travel snafus it looks to be lots of fun.

All haaaaail to the boys in blue

all haaaaail to the boys in blue.

Go Revs.

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mikeriscica said...


Great Hearing from you. We'll definately see each other next 5 boro ride... I had so much fun last year hanging out.

Your Europe pictures are great i just went through them again.. They get me all fired up.. it likes you have such a great time.

I was in venice a few weeks ago doing work for my thesis project.. it was beautiful and the architecture skool paid for it.. Chuck didnt get to go cause of his accident.

a few weeks ago we booked a 16 day trip in january to Venice, Spain and Portugal... It prolly wont ever get mentioned on the bike journal. We also have a trip planned to California for spring break, that isnt being mentioned.....

Im keeping these trips quiet cause my family is kind of uptight about me traveling so much. Even though i work my butt off financing these adventures, while everyone else spends their money on cars and crap they dont need...

your bike tour to austria sounds exciting... put in a good word with the company and maybe i can score a job...

hope everything is well.