Friday, February 24, 2006

Off Season Training

Cyclo-Core is a good off season training program, weather for biking or just using bike training as a way to lose weight. In combination with the free program for food and activity tracking,, this rider has shed 17 lbs in 4 weeks. Racquetball plays an integral part of the cross training program.

Standard weight and cardio workouts did not work for Ole Blue's rider. The lack of progress screamed for professional help, which is never cheap. The cyclo-core program provides a consistent approach to exercise. It contains enough structure to ensure progress, slowly and gradually building fitness and strength over time. It also encourages adequate rest days and recovery periods.

Helter skelter workouts, (those without a goal or structure), provided a 50 lb weight gain over the course of 3 years. As results begin to show, it gets difficult to take rest days, for fear of losing momentum and failure. However, lack of rest and recovery is probably "the" number one cause of plateau and digression.

Better conditioning and fitness encourages more riding. It is no chore to ride in the winter. With the proper clothing it's actually quite fun.

Winter holiday riding

National Whaling Historic Park. New Bedford, Ma.

Freighter in New Bedford Harbor.

Very shortly, bike commuting will start again. A 20 some odd mile each way ride will be the standard. Some very scenic and quaint New England back roads will make the rides easy and enjoyable.

Quaint country roads for commuting.

Till then. Keep active.

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