Thursday, March 02, 2006

Architecture of New Bedford Ma. Ride

I had a day off and decided to ride to the doctors office. I took a route that brought me through the side streets of New Bedford. As I mentioned in my last blog. New Bedford was twice the richest city in the world. Many of the mansions once owned by Whaling Captains, whale boat owners as well as textile mill owners, still stand. Some have been restored in the past and are beginning to show signs of wear. Some have recently been restored to their original glory.

There are also homes belonging to some of the 2nd tier of the upper class, those who served the very rich. doctors, dentist, ship builders and artisans. New Bedford was the home port of the Whaling ship, Acushnet, of Moby Dick fame. Also the textile mill where pictures of child laborers were taken that began the process of minimum age laws for workers.

The following is a pictoral story of some of the architecture of New Bedford, Ma. that caught my eye during a mid week ride. Before the surprise came, that is.

The return trip took me back by the waterfront. I am never disappointed by the sights in that area.

Waiting to cross the bridge

Marin waiting patiently for the bridge to close.

Things began to change very rapidly on the return ride. A few snow flakes here and there. Out of no where...squals.. heavy snow making the ride very interesting, in a control kind of way.

The snow got very heavy very quickly.

It was actually pretty neat to ride in this.

Here I encountered a couple of guys walking and mentioned they were kind of nutty walking in this stuff.

Soon enought though, I was back at Evergreen St. Home again.



ChinHi said...

YOU said THEY were nutty for walking in the snow?? UH?? HOW about YOU??? lol

ChinHi said...

YOU said THEY were nutty for walking in the snow?? UH?? HOW about YOU??? lol

Elenor said...

John, pls mail me as I would LOVE to put these pictures (houses)on CLOUD 9 in a SLIDESHOW and put nice music under it. Mail me if that is ok. If so, it will take me some time to build that page because of my right hand, which is still out of order!