Friday, July 14, 2006


Art, History, Architecture. A monthly festival in the Historic Seaport of New Bedford, Ma.

I was enlightened to the diversity of the city. A young artsy crowd mingled freely with the older "hippys".

Skateboarders where everywhere but sill out of everyone's way. Young musicians proudly showing their talent at "open mike"

There were many oportunities to listen to or participate in music. The "Drums of New Bedford", where anyone could sit in, regardless of experience.

Or a visitor could stroll into Wings Court to watch, listen and dance to very good local bands.

Bicycles are becomming more noticeable because of the younger college population created by UMass Art school downtown. Along with a plethora of art galleries and studios

There are some aspiring souls that try to combine things, like bikes and cameras to create art.

Architecture is a big part of the city and there are some really great masterpieces. You just have to slow down and look.

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