Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ice Cream 20

Distance 23 miles
Weather 80 degrees, still, early evening.

After a week of excessive heat and humidity, that brought the index to a scortching 110, the relief of a cold front that dropped the temps into the low 80's, was too good to pass up. Sue and I decided on a Friday evening ride on the country roads near our home. It's called the ice cream 20 because in the 20 mile loop there are four ice cream shops calling like the sirenes of Homers' Odyssey.

The grammer school our sons attended has been demolished and a new school is being built on the site. We were glad to see that the trees the boys classes had planted twenty something years ago were untouched and are thriving.

Trees the boys classes planted at East Fairhaven Ma. Elementary school

We headed north on the quiet country roads of Fairhaven to the Acushnet line and the lakes of Acushnet Road. So little traffic uses these roads that one sometimes wonder why they are still there. But the roads are great for cycling.

House on a lake

Acushnet Rd. Patriotic home

Our ride took us into the town of Rochester and our first ice cream stand. We also came across the day camp where Todd, our youngest, attended a couple of his pre teen summers.

As the sun began to drop towards the horizon, Sue and I turned east to begin the loop back towards home. The evening became very still and was as quiet as the roads we were traversing, and the setting sun provided plenty of sights.

Rochester Fire house. A bike tourers friend.

Here too

As we approached the half way point, a drink break was in order.

We stopped here for water. What were you thinking?

With the low sun at our back we made the final turn towards home.

Rochester Ma. Golf club

The 9th hole

Vaughn Hill Rd. The hill is behind us.

Lonely Vaughn Hill

Hartely Rd. home

Cranberry Bogs

Road along Cranberry bogs.

Swim Hole


Anonymous said...

very cool !! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along for the ride! (scout)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. It is so different there than it is here. I miss the green and the lakes of Michigan after seeing the pics. (Desert Chic...Stacia)

Anonymous said...

These are just beautiful. It was as if I was riding with you and wifey. Thank you for that.