Thursday, November 30, 2006

On The Way To The Doctors Office

The last day of November and the temperature was a mild 60F. I had intended to ride 20 miles or so and take some photos. One hundred yards from the house and the plans were changing. I ran into Paul M. whom I worked with when I was a field tech for Verizon. He was spending his lunch hour walking the bike path. We chatted for fifteen minutes and both headed towards Fairhaven center.

I was tossing around a route that would take me along the peninsula when I spotted a company truck at the new wine and tapas bar under construction. There I met another former co-worker. Actually, one that I broke into the craft. Phil is a thrasher, skier, biker, with lots of tatoos. Always fun to talk with, I spent another twenty minutes talking about the job and the new changes in technology. DSL, FTTP etc. I am trying to get back into that part of the company and am watching very closely the bids. The high tech part is interesting and I am ready to return to working outside.

Finally, I managed to force myself to get a move on and get some miles in. This ride was in the same general area as the last but I ventured on lots of side streets, and streets off the side streets.

This is a very old Synagogue on 6th St. in New Bedford. Built at the end of the 19th century, it was an integral part of the the city when the very rich textile barons roamed the streets.

Next door is another interesting building that was built in 1891.

My ride took me to the church I belong to while in grammar school St. James RC church, which boast the stomping grounds of the first pedophile priest accused and convicted in the Churches child rape scandals. Cardinal Law spent lots of time, energy and money trying to cover up the crimes.

I rode by St. Luke hospital where I saw a bunch of men standing outside the emergency room chewing the fat and smoking. .It's only a matter of time before their friends will be standing out there when they are rushed in.

Across from the ER is the original nurses dormitory. Like the school teacher of the time, only single women were allowed into the field.

A property with a few grand old Maples got my attention. This was the best of the bunch.

I had a chance to shoot a couple of the area stately homes before heading to the doctors office. I have been discovering many of these gems I never noticed till I began biking.

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