Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Back to commuting to work after quite a hiatus. Did very well during the cold winter months but the better weather offered more oportunities for road rides.
Sunday I made the commitment to rise early drive the 30 miles to the mall and bike the remaining 10 to the office. It was refreshing and gave me the "this is where I belong" epifany. Then it was time to ride back.

The weather station said, "If your out, take shelter". Sever thunderstorms, high wind, hail, heavy rain. Ouch. I almost made a dash for the car at 4PM. Fortunately good sense prevailed. Within 10 minutes the first of a series of storm cells hit. The rain and wind was so bad that 18 wheelers were forced to pull over for safety.

I was cozy and alone in the cafeteria, spending the next two hours watching the life of Carey Grant on PBS. Pretty good, but I doubt if I would have watched it anywhere else. I had to decide on a station but the other things on were, golf and indoor football. Grant won the mental debate easily.

Finally at 6PM, a full two hours after quitting time, with the weather still threatening but the roar of thunder now far to the northeast, I decided to make a break. The morning commute was meandering 46 minutes. The return trip took 32. Roughly a half mile from my destination as I was crossing paths with another biker an almost instantaneous clap of thunder and lightning bolt streaked right over our heads. We both looked up and yiked, "YIKES". My car was parked northeast of the office.

I made it safely to the car, immediately took out my cell phone, extended the antena, turning myself into a lighting rod, and called home.

Boy was that fun.

Now that such a high bar has been established, todays commute as most future ones will be, was very uneventfull and not worthy of any more text.

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