Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Catching up

I spent a week in North Carolina, the triangle area to be exact. In stead of renting an auto, this time I went with a trek 1200 bicycle. Ten miles or so from downtown Durham gave me good daily rides for lunch, and a good spin.
I managed to get in 4 good rides while there. The Durham Cycle Center provided not only a good bike at a reasonable price, but also great service. I highly recommend it.
After delayed flights, I finally got home Friday night and lollygagged around the house Saturday. Sunday's weather was threatening but I was determined to do something. Intending a light ten mile ride around the waterfront to take some pictures, I left home around 2PM. The riding and picture taking was more fun than I have had riding in a while. I was feeling so good that I ended up riding through downtown and the north end of New Bedford, before embarking on a 25 mile country ride.
A total of 36.7 miles for the day with a very slow, stop and go first 10 miles, followed by 26 hammering. I did stop to call home and also met Brandon near the end of the ride for a 15 minute chat.

Did some racquetball on Monday evening. Tuesday and today are rained out with accompanying high winds. After work tonight I am attending a friends sister's wake. She was a smoker, and he is also. I doubt if he is making the connection between smoking and the wake.

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