Friday, May 13, 2005

Photo op missed

Yesterday May 12, wifey wanted to go to the cemetery and gussy up her parents grave. I wanted to go for a bike ride. The compromise we made was obvious. I would ride to the cemetery. We met at Kmart where I lifted three large bags of mulch into the Vibe. I told her to give me 20 minutes for the 6 mile ride through the streets of New Bedford, Ma.

I got back onto the bike path for safety and had to cross the Fairhaven bridge. The bridge was open to allow boat traffic and the view looking toward Cuttyhunk Island was spectacular. I had considered bringing my camera but was only thinking of cemetery pictues. It did not occur to me there were other things to see enroute. Ironically, I have been wanting to shoot a few things on my "water front" riding route for some time.

Back to the journey. After crossing the bridge it is necessary to carry the bike down a flight of stairs to the underpass roadway, taking the rider to the route 18 bypass, to the south end of New Bedford that can be a very cagey area. I turned onto the city streets just a the Central American soccer players were arriving at their field. Being a former player and coach, I had the urge to stop and watch but duty called. I soon passed my old parish where the infamous father Porter, (one of the first exposed pedophile priests), spent some time. Continuing up Thompson St. to Dartmouth street and into the oldest cemetary in the area called the Rural Cemetery.

After getting the gravesite in shape, with the temperature dropping rapidly, it was time for the 7.5 mile commute home. This was a blast, riding like a kid again. I had most of the streets to myself. These were the streets of an old mill area where I spent my grammar school years. I knew the traffic, which were safe and which to be avoided. I Made great time till I got back onto the Phoenix trail, aka the Fairhaven Bike Path, where I slowed to a saunter to cool off.

A great ride that I will have to visit again. With more time, adding miles and having my camera.

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