Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tuesday on the Boulevard 4.11.05

Rode the Tuesday Boulevard ride in Providence R.I. Did a 20.4 mile jaunt averaging 16.5 mph. Two groups set out and both groups finished. Sort of. The B group did very well for 4 laps but climbing the initial hill the group broke up in a hurry. First "the professor", who was on his first ride of the season began to lag. I held back to try and "pull" him up the hill. He hit the wall and at the turn lagged even more. We agreed he was done for so I cut across the island park to meet up with the remainder of the group.

They caught me at the crest of the hill and off we went. We got our speed up to around 20 mph where I knew the turn into the wind was going to cause some problems. I was determined to keep up, but the hill got to me. Giving up the quest I let the group go and struggled to get to the top. Once there it was a downhill slow cadence mixed with quite a bit of coasting to end a good night of paceline riding.

The first week was 3 laps, followed by 4 laps two weeks later, and 6 last night. I'm doing ok. Now some good training over the next two weeks to be able to do the whole night with the A group.

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