Thursday, August 25, 2005

Behind Locked Gates

If you take the time to check, some places that looked locked are just that. They look like they are locked but access is still easy. Such was the case on a recent ride.
I had every intention of riding the Fort Rodman Loop, but as is the case very often, I was distracted. It looked like most of the fleet was in port this day. Hundreds of fishing and scallop boats were docked.

While on Pier 2, I stumbled upon a boat who had to return for some paperwork. The man on the dock was talking to them as they approached. I was evesdropping and found I understood him, but the crew of the boat was talking a language I just couldn't quite make out. When they got up close I realized it was a deep southern accent and they were from the gulf coast of Texas. It was the contrast between the guy on the dock and the one on the boat that threw me. Fisherman have phrases and dialect that we don't hear anywhere else. Things like, fine-is-kind. In southern it sounds like "fahhhn-is-kaaaaan, and in Norwegian, fnyin-is-knyin. So here is the boat.

There was a production company doing some filming at the head of the pier. Two spots were set up. One for the interview and one for a couple of guys playing music.

The director giving us a smile

Behind the scenes

Trying to fanagle myself into camera view

The host of the show. We made eye contact and she smiled for me

The technical van and the "best boy"

A different route home took me behind some old factories on the river front. Trash everywhere, and the water was not at all inviting. But it was a very unique perspective. None of the pictures were very good. I may go back there again some day. Then again, maybe not. I did find this little house along the banks.

That route did find me this gem. Hidden near the rear of the cemetary on the banks of the Acushnet River.

A dead, Sox fan.



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