Saturday, August 27, 2005


Couldn't decide on the Fort Rodman or Rock O Dundee route, so did both. Passed a rider with no helmet, no clipless pedals and wearing sandals. He went farther than I thought he would. Passed him on Russles Mill Rd. Saw him go by Dairy Chief while I stopped for a cone of frozen pudding and saw him again near Glenns house on Smith 'Neck. Stopped to talk to Kevin and refill water bottles. Keven has gotten a little diesel from working in the fish house.

He is playing football at Dartmouth High School{{{{sad}}}}. He is not much of an athlete, so football is the right choice for him. Other than that, he is a nice kid.

Some hammerhead passed me good on Dartmouth St. Met Sue and Donna a Ft. Rodman where I stopped for fries and gave most of them away to a couple of kids at the snack bar. They appreciated them and thanked me a couple of times.

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