Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Higher, Higher than the Mountain

Sue and I drove to Saratoga Springs to meet up with #1 son Keith, who flew in from Denver. After a good lunch at the Old Bryan Inn, we set out for a three day holiday in Lake Placid NY.

Following a good night sleep, and a breakfast bagle with coffee, Sue and Keith set off for a day long hike. I, on the other hand, decided on a 35 mile bike ride recommended by the local bike shop. The signs told of a good ride to follow right from the get go.

The ride was wonderfull and at the twenty mile mark the directions from the bike shop said take a right on rt. 73 go up the hill and turn right again.

Take a right here, up the hill and 14 easy miles to home

HA!!! Hill???? Hill???? This so called hill was a "beyond category" mountain. This picture may not do it justice. You had to be there. The first 6 miles were a 12% incline with very little edging.

It was what novice overweight riders call "a bitch". I wanted to do the climb but when I ran out of water and did not know the probability of getting more I decided to call Keith for a ride. When he picked me up and we drove the remaining miles, I realized I had made a good decicion. Too difficult, too far and no fuel.

The following day Keith and I did the same ride, sans hill. Around 22 miles or so of some really spectacular riding and scenery. Rivers

Buildings and unusual sights were abundant.

A neat looking log cabin

A Navajo Lodge

Old bikes near the bridge

A biker friendly market

The territory seemed vast, the roads were long, and Keith and I had it all pretty much to ourselves.

Just the start and already have come a long way

Ride toward the mountain

No traffic

There were some places that really show perspective of man vs nature.

Keith at Whiteface Mountain

The wonder of nature and evolution

Another perspective

The ride wasn't without a glitch or two. This is where bike maintanence courses come in handy.

Keith performing saddle maintanence

Checking directions

We know where we came from

Which way do you think?

The ride was a little under 2 hours taking us 22 miles of some of the best riding I have done. I guess its all in the company you keep. I did get some great pointers, from Keith who is a hardcore rider of the mountains of Colorado, which explains these calfs.

We arrived at our destination, Keene NY as opposed to the picinic Keene in NH next week.

Old barn in Keene Valley

Old Grey got me through another adventure

The vastness of the Adarondecks

Keith and Sue reliving the last couple of days.

Next Adventure, Biking Little Compton, Rhode Island
See you soon.

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