Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ride to Work Day

Two months late and the wrong way.
May was ride your bike to work month. John wanted to do this bad but was not sure of the time required or the route. Yesterday after work I rode home. 37 miles and three hours later I walked in the house sore, beat up and suffering from blown legs and blown mind. The only thing I was thinking of was doing it again.

The actual riding time on the bike was 2:33:00. Add in a couple of water stops and a few minutes chatting with a coworker brought the whole trip to three hours. I am going to do it at least a couple more times in the next week. It was very very cool.

The initial 45 minutes are slow and a little dicey because of the city traffic. Once I get to the Galleria Mall and begin the climb up County St the ride becomes much more enjoyable and quicker with couple of good sized hills for this area. I say this area because it's all relative compared to the riders I have been following in journals. They have been climbing mountains while I am doing no more than mole hills.

I had the roads to myself for the most part. A couple of pickup trucks and few motorcycles are the usual travelers of these country back roads. I'll bet it is a lot like riding the Trans Am.

In a few weeks I will be riding in the Adirondacks. I suppose I will learn to love hills. (I hope). I was told that I should be doing hill training. Ride up a hill, coast down, turn and ride back up. Do this a few times to get "hill strong". It's probably best but I really don't think I'll do that.

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