Monday, August 15, 2005

Riding Has Been at a Premium

Finding time to ride has been difficult during July and the same is happening in August. I really thought that I would have around a thousand more miles than my odometer shows. Nothing to do about that except move on.

Yesterday (Sunday) saw a weather forcast of temps above 100F. An early morning ride was necessary to beat the heat and allow me to attend grand neice's baby shower. At the shower I met nephew Matt. He was as surprised he had a great uncle as I was to have a great nephew. I though all the kids were girls. No offence Matt, that's what happens when we are out of touch. Brittany has a very contentious bone to pick with here friends and family.

With the humidity just as brutal as the temperature, Brit was force to sit outside and open her gifts. I still don't see the reason to do that at the shower. Guy thing I suppose. It's just the way things are. Oooo!, booties. Ooooo!, a bottle. Ooooo! it's freakin hot.

The morining ride was a slow paced 10 miles or so. I say or so, because when I got a flat last week I lost my odometer while replacing the tube. Years ago, we always had to flip the bike over to work on them. With quick release tires, that is no longer necessary. I flipped mine over out of habit and paid the price. (Of a new odometer) $20 bucks.

The Tall Ship Bounty was docked at the state pier in New Bedford. You may know her from the movie staring Marlon Brando, "Mutiny on the Bounty" and more recently "Pirates of the Carribbean", with Johnny Depp.
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This is what a hazy hot humid day looks like. It's around 8AM and the temp is approaching 90F.

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Last week I rode home from work in 3 hours. It was 37 miles and I stopped a few times to take pictures and breaks. Since then I have met and talked with the owner of Travis Cycle in Taunton. He gave me an alternate route that took me through the opposite end of the city and through some spectacular country roads. As a bonus, he knocked off 6 miles. He does the ride in 90 minutes. It took me two hours four minutes today. I'm going to do it again and should be able to knock of a few minutes.

The beginning of the route still takes me through the Taunton State Hospital grounds. This is where I had my first of two "faceoffs". The roads are very seldom traveled and as I was approaching the curve to the exit a skunk came scampering across my path. We both stopped and the little critter looked at me and bowed,(Like a dog does when he wants to play), casually turned and slowly walked back into the brush. I tried desperately to get a picture but was not quick enough.

The second encounter was with three miniature doberman pincers. They tried to act tough but are just so tiny you really can't take them seriously. The owner came to my rescue by calling them into the house as I was getting my camera out of the bag. Next time I'll be ready for them and get a couple of good photos.

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A short cut road through the asylum. Just keep moving

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J&J Seafood is a little more than half way home. One of these days I'll have to try the place out.

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