Sunday, June 11, 2006

Riding Bikes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam could be called the "City of Bikes". All roads have bike lanes. All business have bike racks. And all Dutch have bikes. Finding a bike rental shop was no problem. Keith and I picked our up early and embarked on a Sunday Morning Dutch tour.

We had quite a bit of time before meeting our friends, Elanor and Everett, in a Australian pub to watch the Holland match.

Our ride took us along the canal through the Rembrant district.

There are plenty of activities along and on the canals. People strolling, biking, and sunbathing on the shore. Houseboats are abundant on the canals and rowing is prevalent.

Beautiful homes along the canal. Quaint villiage settings, and streets void of motor traffic. What more could a bike rider ask.

After the bike we returned to Rebmrandsqare to secure our spot at the pub to watch the World Cup Match. All in orange of course.

It is important in a foreign country not to look stupid.

Inside the pub at match time.

Every time I want a picture, someone gets in the way.

See, it happened again.

After the match we returned with our hosts to their flat for a quiet evening of cold Dutch beer and tapas. The view from the terrace and a 10PM sunset capped a wonderfull day in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow, US/Czech game in Gelsenkirchen Germany. The reason we are here.



cc said...

Great pics of a beautiful city. Nice to see your son
with a beer and a smile.

Looks like you had a great trip. Gotta get
that Rembrandt thing going.

Best to you guys who bike and are probably doing
so tonight!
Good post Clayton.


tictac said...

Green with envy. Give Elenor a big hug for me. Have a wonderful time.