Saturday, June 10, 2006


Keith and I arrived an hour apart. We made some half assed arrangement on meeting and what to do if we did not find each other at the airport. Naturally I messed everything up. When I looked for his arrival, I saw he would be disembarking at gate three. I waited for an hour at baggage claim three at gate 8. We did manage to bump into each other just as we were about to give up and go to the hotel separately.

It didn't take long to figure the train schedules, and by asking a couple of questions at the information booth the ride from the airport to Central Station went smoothly.

A tram from Central Station to Rembrant Square took us to the hotel.

Train to Rembrantsquare

The Imperial Hotel was a great central location in a nice area that was very lively.

Small room and beds brought to mind the story of Gulliver

We had intended to sleep a few hours before meeting our friends and doing the sights. Very seldom do things go as planned. A late arrival at the hotel gave us just enough time to shower and unpack before the phone call came announcing the arrival of our hosts, Everett and Elenor.

Vlinder and Clayton meet in the Imperial Hotel.

Elanor, John and Everett

Elanor, Keith, Everett

We walked around the old town, flee market, Rembrandt house, former Jewish quarters, weigh house and of course The Red Light District. Keith found a store that sold Dutch shoes made in his hometown in Colorado.

The four of us spent the afternoon taking in the sights of the city.

Our gracious host invited Keith and I for dinner. A BBQ catered by their son Floris. Some good Dutch wine and beer with our chicken and burgers filled us to the point it was difficult to get out of the chair. That we did though, when it was clean up time. After all we were in Holland where the "Dutch treat" was probably invented.

Keith and Everett talking business

I've eaten too much and I can't get up

Tomorrow is Biking in Amsterdam followed by the Dutch game on TV. All the bars and cafes are decorating and bringing in many extra TVs to show the game.

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