Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Traffic Jam

Riding the new route this morning, I encountered a mini traffic jam. At 6:30 AM that is very unusual. Being on my bike naturally I drifted to the front of the line and saw this.

Traffic jam in Taunton Ma.

Mama Goose Protecting

There is always one slow poke.

While doing some exploring to find easier and less trafficed routes, I stumbled upon this neat little tunnel. It connects a hidden parking area, that looks to be reserved for employees of the downtown shops, with the main streets.

I have decided to forgo bus commuting. I tried three times to contact DATCO and American Eagle in Fairhaven, Ma. and no one bothered to respond. It was the bounty to transport my bike that caused me to stop commuting. $20 a week tacked on to the $35 ticket price is roughly $22 more than it cost to commute by car. I am back to driving to the mall and bike commuting from there to the office. I also save around thirty minutes on each end. But I would rather bus commute. It just makes me feel better about the whole thing.

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