Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dinner and a Show

We began the evening at the Black Bass Grill in Padanaram Village. A coastal resort in the town of Dartmouth Ma. Our customary Saturday night dinner friends, the Johnsons, (Jack and Donna) joined us this beautiful Friday evening for entres on the lawn.

My meal, steamed mussles and hot Italian sausage, was served with a spicy marinara sauce over linguini. A smooth pinot noir complimented the meal and enhanced the conversation.

Sue's plate, perfectly grilled native scallops, was served with rice and fresh assorted vegetables. Her favorite drink, a martini, (which every week is a different color), kept her palat fresh.

A short ride in the Mini Cooper brought us to the Historic District of New Bedford.

Our destination was the Zeiterion Perfoming Arts Center, a restored Vaudeville theater built in the 1920's that hosted many of the big time performers of the era.

Donna was worried about the crowds at the theater and decided to go ahead and get seated. Since we had almost an hour before the show, Sue and I decided to visit a new downtown watering hole named Finns. This quaint bar provided one more little somthing to settle the stomach. Sue had a green one this time, and I a spot of Crown Royal over ice.

"A refil" asked the bartender. "No thanks", I said, "it's showtime". A leisurely walk to the theater brought us to our seats next to our dinner mates. I saw so many old friends there I kind of felt like the mayor. Dianne, a grammer school classmate, was seated just in front of us. Two rows behind was a high school chum, and while talking to him, waving arms a few rows back caught my attention. A park basketball friend from the old neighborhood was saying his "how do you do's".

The lights dimmed, the band began it introductory music, and the M C began. "Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give a warm New Bedford welcome to the Temptations".

What a night.

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