Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Changing Weather

My car is in the shop for what I think is brake problems. That tell tale scraping sound that is usually preceeded by squeeking. I think my radio covered the intial indication (squeek), so I now may have to pay the fiddler. Sue let me take the mini to work, which left her with no car for the day. Very sweet. I attached the bike rack, loaded the bike and stuffed my carryons in the back seat before heading to the commuter lot.

The first few minutes of the commute are getting chilly. Time to pack a windbreaker or light jacket in the trunk bag. I have been noticing more and more sights that I have ridden by for three years. Things like these buildings in downtown Taunton.

Today, while riding through the State Hospital I came upon a hawk on the ground, just off the road. She was no more than 5 feet from me, and very big. We both froze for a few seconds and just looked at each other. She broke the stalemate and few onto a nearby tree. Usually when I have approached a hawk in the past they fly out of the tree and disappear. Today this one just sat there and watched me. I was able to get a couple of photos.

Back on my commute I decided to backtrack and see what she may have been having for breakfast. She didn't like this and left her roost to buzz me. I wasn't sure this was intentional till she did it a second time. That was my cue to leave her alone and get myself to work.

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ducati said...

It's that "tweener" time. Getting chilly, but still hot in the afternoons... I'm wearing pants in the morning now, and chattering a bit in a t-shirt (but comfortable after 10 mins or so). We're staring Fall in the face now, Winter isn't too far...

I've been buzzed by birds of prey before, typically when fishing in their waters... They mean business! Can't wait to see the photos.