Sunday, August 27, 2006

Padanaram Ma. to Newport R. I.

Todd flew in from Atlanta to attend a wedding reception and visit ma and pa. While here we took a trip to Padanaram Village, in Dartmouth Ma.

Lunch was the first item and we decided to head to the Portuguese district and Adega restaurant. Adega is one of our favorite Saturday night spots but todays lunch was not very good. Everyone deserves an off day I suppose. But the wine was good and the company was great.

Adega Resteraunt in New Bedford, Ma.

We traveled to the village of Padanaram to browse around the local shops and while there we stopped for ice cream to top off our lunches. I had my first attempt at shrinking someone for a picture, using Todd as my subject.

My shrinking needs practice.

Crys from Toronto

Crys met us in Newport for some sighseeing and dinner.

I got an e-mail that Margie would be in Newport on Saturday. She suggested meeting for dinner, and left it up to us where to dine. Sue and I disagreed on the dining experience. She wanted Italian and I want to visit a very, very eclectic place called The Salvation Cafe. This is because most of the furnishing and decorations were bought at the Salvation Army thrift store. Nothing matches in either style or color. It's great.

We agreed to meet near the Tennis Hall of Fame, and after a little bit of confusion, we "hooked up". (It's a different meaning than when your kids "hook up").

I was determined to get the squishing heads thing mastered after seen it done here

Nothing a little practice can't solve

We hopped in the Vibe and took a ride on 12 mile drive. It's a beautiful road along the ocean. The homes are not as outlandish as the mansions of Newport but the "are" over the top in their own way.

The house is the background is so big because three people live there. sheesh.

Sue and Margie ohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the view.

We stopped at the kite flying area, (it's always windy along the ocean). Usually there are very unique kiters' and kite flying teams that give a great show displaying their kite flying skills. Sadly we got there too late in the day and they had already left.

Our next stop was Fort Adams, which is also the site of the "Newport Jazz Festival".

Reading the history of Fort Adams

Oceans side view of Fort Adams

Where it all started.

We ate here. Like you hadn't guessed already.

p.s. The wine was good with dinner also.

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Crys said...

It was soooo much fun!! Thanks so much!