Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Friday 15 Sept.

Sue and Todd were supposed to take a boat to spend a day at some island. It was cancelled yesterday. Keith was off rock climbing with his freind Jonah. I had the day to my self again. Just walking around town and down by the marina. I visited our friends at the Irish place before walking to the market for evening tapas. Tonight is the night our hosts Jourgen and Babbette were comming over with beer.

The boat was cancelled again so Sue and Todd spend the day in Palermo. It´s what I was going to do on Saturday. They had also gone shopping for tapas. We had tons of food. Much to much for six people. Keith invided his friends Jonah and Annie from Seattle. I invited our Dutch neighbors and the German neighbors invited themselves. That was ok. For a last minute deal, the party came off very well.

Jorgen in orange brought the beer. We supplied the food.

Five liter kegs

Preparing tapas for the party.

An American couple from Seattle with their two month old baby.

Saturday 16 September.

Our last day. We spent part of the afternoon at the beach with Keith and Todd. Sue and I left early to change and to take Sue to meet Sarah the pot bellied pig.

A last supper at the Irish Bistro before packing up to go home.

Our flight left Majorca at 8AM, (10 PM EST). We flew to Madrid, Amsterdam and finally arriving in Boston at 5PM on the 17th.

Madrid from the plane

Amsterdam Airport shopping.

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