Tuesday, September 19, 2006


11 Sept. 2001
We spent the day at the Catalonia festivle celebrating their original independence from Spain I think. Many of the banners say "We are not Spain". It was pretty interesting and something to do while waiting for our 3PM flight to Majorca.

Locals playing bocce

Vacation part II

The first part of the holidays was historical and standard stuff. Restaurants, museums, sightseen etc. Now for my favorite type.


Majorca is an island off the coast of Barcelona. We have a great apartment and a studio for the boys.

Arrival at our abode

Our back yard

The main room

Great beaches, cheap restaurants, and lots of expensive boats. One of the better features is the lack of Americans. After all, we can see as many as we want at home and this gives us a chance to be the outsiders. Lots of Brits, Germans and Dutch.

The beaches here have no problem wth topless bathing. It´s so common that no one pays much attention. Like anything, there are extremes. I have pictures of one extreme.

12 Sept.

We drove to Cals Mondrago for the day. (

When we returned we met the owner of our condo Jourgen and his wife. They are from Hamburg and are a great fun loving couple in the mid 40´s. Jourgen is returning Friday evening with a 5 litre keg of his favorite German beer. I told him it was my favorite ever though I had never hear of it. His wife mentioned it to me and said to him it was mothers milk.

13 Sept

We left the apt early to tour the island. A farmers market. An Old Roman Town and a ritzy port.

We had lunch in Sineu. It is famous for it´s wine cellar restaurants.

Looking for restaurant

Dining in the famous wine cellar restaurants.


Bike tour with sag.

Sue makes a new friend



A long climb up the stairs in Pollenca

The reward for climbing

{{{{{Theeee Quiiiickkkk Wayyyyyy DDowwwwnnnnn}}}}}

I heard the telephone man was on holiday in the States.

We got back home at 8PM, bought some pizza and opened a bottle of Cotes D Rhone wine that were purchased at the winery during our tour of Casis.

Most of the places are very touristy, which make us apppreciat our accomodations so much more. Our place is more like going home, as opposed to going back to hotel.

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