Sunday, November 19, 2006

Boats, Buildings and Elephants

Since it was 45 degrees and sunny, it seemed like a good day for a bike ride. With the camera in my handlebar bag, the ride began. Beginning on the waterfront, continuing to the city checking out the architecture and looking for elephants.

My first sight was the Steamship Authority repair facility in Fairhaven. A couple of laborers working this Sunday, acknowledged me and continued to do what ever they were doing. After a couple of pictures the boss man came out of the trailer and told me "This is private property, and you don't belong here". Me possibly taking pictures for the "terrorists" crossed his mind, I'm sure. I was close to saying a couple of things like, "It's not private, it's state property". and "I know about the property, I'm one of the owners". I did manage to get a couple of photos.

SS Marthas Vinyard

I continued into the city, (New Bedford, Ma.) and found some more great old homes. At one time New Bedford was the richest city in the world, or maybe it was only the US. Either way there was a lot of money to be had during the Whaling, then the Textile eras'.

Cobblestones Restaurant

The city is beginning to revitalize. The one giant piece missing is the train to Boston. Once that happens, the possibilities are very positive.

Wall Art

On a bicycle, the rider is usually going slow enough to see things most people do not. For example this little hidden gem.

And this small "court" I stumbled upon while riding up a side street.

My ride continued through Rural Cemetery
Plenty of legends and ghost stories

Also was a quick ride through Buttonwood Park


And yes I did find everything I was looking for.



Crys said...

I love it!! I'm glad you found everything that you were looking for. :)

Elenor said...

I LOVED it too.....New Bedford reminds me of Charles Dickens and his time.......the buildings look fantastic, so does the cemetary. Keep those pix coming John!

Kat_fairykats said...

The ships and blue house are my favs. Enjoyed this so much!