Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Celebrating With the Revs

A little too much.

Sometimes all the stars line up. I got to the hotel Saturday around noon. The Revolution players were staying there and they are all very friendly and open to talk, picture taking or whatever. I got to chat a little with a couple of them, but decided not to bother them before the big match. Let them concentrate on business, so to speak.

The general manager, who years ago was my ticket rep, said hello and introduced me to a couple other front office guys. It was pretty neat meeting all these big wigs.

I needed to get some wine for the game on Sunday and walked the 10 blocks to the ABC store. I learned that the ABC stores do not sell wine. Luckily a customer refered me to a Spanish restaurant around the corner that would allow me into their wine celler to purchase a couple of bottles.

It's a great tapas place that I decided to try later in the evening. On the walk back, wine in hand, a couple of fans from NY saw my Revolution jacket and struck up a conversation. Even though they were from NY, I invited them to our tailgate the next day. (All Revs fans are welcome). They declined saying their plans were already made.

Back at the hotel, I met a couple of the players parents, more players and tv and radio people. Next thing I know Brandi Chastain shows up. Remember her? Here is a refresher.

Here come the two guys from NY walking through the lobby. I want to give them a heads up that hanging around the lobby is a great place to meet the players, and they may even see some tv peronalities like Brandi Chastain. "Brandy Chastain" one of them say. "That Brandi" who was standing right behind me?

Crap. Then she starts talking to them and go grab a table and begin chatting. My friend the GM was nearby, I told him what had just happened and pointed to the three of them at the table. "Those are the ESPN guys" he says. "The director and producer of tomorrows show". I guess they really did'nt need me to meet the celebs.

Joe Cummings, RKO radio announcer. Bruce Arena. The former natioal team coach and ESPN TV. Eric Wynalda ESPN TV color commentator and Craig Thornberg. Revolution GM.

The traveling Midnight Riders supporters.

The players acknowledging us after the victory.

Marching out of the stadium. The yellow jackets in the rear are part of the security who were with us all day.

Waiting for the players to arrive back at the hotel.

That was till the guy sitting down told us they had already left for airport and return flight to Boston.

My wine drining buddy from the home tailgates found a wine named "Revolution"

Revolution wine. 15% alcohol

You know where this is going right.

We'll just walk it off.

Which one of the three did not make it into the game?

If anyone is wondering. Yes I did.

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