Friday, November 03, 2006

Road Trip

I'll be leaving for Washington DC tomorrow morning. All for the big game on Sunday. Wifey was going to join me, but the kennel (for the dogs) was booked. I suggested that we call another kennel but nooooo, the dogs like this one. When it came time for me to book a hotel, it was suggested that I just find the cheapest. I'm beginning to understand where I fit in the pack. To the dogs, I'm Alpha. To everyone else, I'm a lot deeper in the Greek alphabet. Somewhere around Gamma.

I'm staying in Crystal City at the same hotel as the Revs. Two years ago the Revs lost in overtime to United and we all drowned our sorrows at the Crystal City Mariott bar. I'm hoping for a celebration this year. I was looking forward to sightseeing with the lovely one on Saturday, but I will have to play the part of the lonely tourist.

There are 150 or so of us making the trip, representing the "Fort".

RFK is a very hostile venue for visiting fans so the club is providing security to escort us into and out of the stadium. We have our own section, isolated from DC's supporters groups, like Barra Brava.

We will have security all around us, and we will be placed in the uppers section to prevent the DC fans from throwing things at us. Man, I love this game.

Sunday, 4PM ESPN. I won't be smoking, but anything else is possible. Wifey will be at home, don't forget.

Pictures and more next week. If we survive.

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