Friday, July 29, 2005

The Middle Ten

The ride from home to work is around 31 miles. I do the last 10 quite a bit when I leave my car near the mall and commute the roads of Taunton. The first 10 is a pretty good ride through the country roads of Acushnet and Rochester. It's the middle ten that I was unsure.
Today I drove to the Galleria mall after work and biked from there to exit 8 off rt140. I took a little bit of a different route returning that eliminated a couple of good sized hills. The 60 miler I want to do should not be bad at all, and will take a lot less time than I thought.

This ride took me from Taunton through Lakeville to Freetown.

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Saw this neat little jalopy whose owner was looking at campers the size of buses.
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I almost stopped at a seafood hut near a lake in Freetown but thought better of it. After that I couln't shake the feeling of wanting to eat. I did stop at a little place near Apponequet High School for a hot dog and some iced tea.

There was a pretty country gift shop on the way that deserved a picture.

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The ride was not at all long enough but I needed to get home to take the dogs and wife for a walk. Alas back to the car and the end of a new and good ride route.
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