Monday, July 25, 2005

Saturday Ride

I really want to do the ride I have mapped out that takes me to Taunton where I work. The ride is 63 miles. I plan it being between 5 and 6 hours including stops for various reasons. Snack, picture taking, lunch or whatever.
I had myself ready to go this past Saturday but a couple of things took up too much morning time to allow me to complete the round trip. In two weeks I try again.

I did get a good 35 miler with all the aformentioned stops. After the usual Phoenix bike trail and over the bridge, I headed up Union St. to 7th. At night 7th and 8th streets are pickup routes for Jeff Gannon types. Riding by #33 I heard the unmistakable Jimmy voice from the back yard. We compared tatoos, his a ultra scan of his unborn son, mine a tatoo of a rock, made by a rock two weeks ago when I fell.

From there I followed my usual route up Allen St. to Dartmouth St. across the town line to Russells Mills Rd. A stop for a small cone of frozen pudding ice cream was in order. I got to take off my shoes which provied a well earned break for my little toosies. I had to gobble down the ice cream to keep it from melting on me. One of my worries was the dreaded frozen brain. But that very seldom happens with frozen pudding or butter pecan flavors. I think because they are creamier and not as cold as traditional plainer flavors.

The houses on the next section of the ride are really nice. They are not the over sized mc mansions a lot of people like to build lately. These are nice little bungalows with a good size piece of land. I think those big houses are really a waste of everything, especially money.
This house once belonged to Heddy Green, thought to be the richest person in the world in the 20's and 30's. She and her son lived here. I was redone into very high prices condos a few years ago and now there are 12 condos in the place that was built for 3 people.
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The son was Col. Green and his land was used by the coastal defense department (which no longer exists) for a radar installation. I have heard that it was the first in the country.
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Padanaram village was having a street fair and I figured they may have some street vendors. As I was crossing the bridge Image hosted by
I could smell the unmistakable aroma of linguica (Portugeese spicy sausage) being grilled. I got a great sandwich and three bottles of water. One to chug right then and two to fill my water bottles. Everything about the ride kept me thinking about a young man I have been following on the internet, who is riding his bike across the country. His name is Mike and his journal is
chickenlips999 Go over there and read this journal. It is really fun. The way this kid writes, combined with his pictures, makes you feel that you are on the trip with him. And be sure to click the guestbook and leave him a message. He enjoys meeting new people and responds to all of them.
Many of his pictures look like the ride I was doing especially this photo of Smith Neck Rd.
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I was going to head down to Fort Rodman, get some more miles in and more pictures, but I was running out of time. Wifey and I had a dinner date with our friends the Johnsons and I had head home. I do want to do a whole post about Fort Rodman and that area because it is so interesting. For now I will end this crossing the last bridge home, with a picture of the SS John Wannermaker.
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