Saturday, July 16, 2005

Time to Try Touring

As fanatical as I am about biking I really haven't done much about it yet. The more I read people journals about cross country riding, the more I want to do it. However it's very unlikely before the summer of 2007. But, reading has given me some ideas. Practice touring.

I still have quite a bit of vacation time and weekends to do some great stuff riding. I may do a short two day tour staying within 90 minutes drive from home. Spend a few hours riding, stop somewhere, either camping, motel or B&B, and spend the late afternoon and evening exploring the area. Going out to dinner, a movie, go to a park or something. It may even be a ride to NH. maybe Keene. Could happen.

The most likely scenario however is to ride to Plymouth or Myles Standish State Park and camp out. A half day ride each way will keep me close to home (just in case) while giving me a good ride and some practice packing, pitching a tent and all the other camping amenities.

I'm just starting the planning now, and will do something within the next 2 or three weeks.

Wish me luck. I'm soon to be a charter member of the "". With pictures of course


Keith Desrosiers said...

You Crazy Pa...goget'm! Maybe we can do something when I am home?

Keith D said...

Check out:


For some should do the 11 and and 35 mile loops in Lake Placid (I would do one of them with you on tuesday and go hiking with Ma on Monday). What do you think?