Friday, July 08, 2005

Stuck on a Rock

Commuting home from work and before I get on the main roads, I ride through abandoned state hospital grounds.

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At the entrance there are boulders placed across the road to prevent vehicle access.
Yesterday I got caught between a couple of boulders. My bike stopped and I was leaning against one using the outside of my shin. Trying to unclip was difficult. Since I had all my weight on one leg againt the rock, I could not get any force in my left leg to unclip. I tried to pedal forward but could not get balanced.

I finall decided to push off the rock and try to unclip quickly. I had to do this using my hips and leg. When I pushed off my momentum kept me going left all the way to the ground.

All alone, in the middle of nowhere, with a large boulder heading for my face. Just as I hit, my clips disengaged and I was able to roll off the rock with no damage to the bike and only a few scrapes to me.

I whole ride was awful. I was exhaused from racquetball the night before and I rode hard on the commute to work in the morning. Heavy rain the next couple of days will force me into a much needed rest.

Sunday, well see if I am just tired, or my heart is giving out again.

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Anonymous said...

I love your webpage.....I will have to keep checking it out....hope you post all your trips on your learning alot.....!!